Group Fitness Classes

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There are plenty of things that can feel like a barrier to exercise – age, fitness level, experience, coordination, flexibility… but none of them should hold you back! Across our fitness centres in Auckland, we have all manner of group fitness classes to suit every ability. There’s no time like the present to work on your wellbeing – and physical fitness is a big part of that.

From low impact tai chi and yoga, through to high intensity step, spin and boxing, you’ll find a group exercise class that will match both what your body can do and what you want to do. Get your groove on with Zumba, work on control with Pilates, or get wet and wild with Aqua Energy.

Each class is led by an instructor who is well-versed in the activity they coach – but additionally, all Y (formerly YMCA) instructors are passionate about helping you get the results you’re after, as well as making sure that everyone has a really good time in our group fitness classes across Auckland.

Why choose The Y?

  • We're a not for profit and we re-invest back into your community

  • Classes included in membership

  • Free parking on-site

  • Wide range of kids activities

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Group Fitness Classes


The original and best indoor cycling experience. Top notch instructors and music that motivates you, takes you out of the studio and into your imagination on the ultimate fitness journey.

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Step is a high energy workout that makes you feel alive. This workout will have you doing simple movements on, over and around a height adjustable step, perfect for fat burning and toning.

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With total focus on core stability, muscle balancing, joint release and breathing techniques, Pilates teaches you a higher level of body awareness to create a stronger body posture and an energised mind.

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Bring balance to your body and mind through the development of strength and flexibility combined with breathing and relaxation. Yoga has the power to calm the mind, increase concentration & improve well-being.

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Join the party! Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves create a dynamic fitness programme that will blow you away. You will want to work out, you will love working out and you will be hooked.

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Aqua Energy/Fit

Aqua Energy/Fit is a pool based class designed to reduce pressure on joints providing a low impact workout. With easy to follow moves, Aqua Energy or Aqua Fit offer a dynamic workout to get your heart rate up.

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Box & Burn

With a focus on boxing technique and strength drills this high energy workout is great for anyone wanting to change the body without worrying about co-ordination. No choreography involved, just pure boxing.

Core Power

This class incorporates the principles of Yoga and Pilates alongside a mixture of new and traditional training techniques to focus entirely on the core are including abdominals, lower back and glutes.


Discovered in Tokyo this circuit style workout incorporates high intensity intervals of weight bearing and body weight exercises with proven benefits for improving both anaerobic and aerobic fitness levels and proven benefits for fat burning.

Muscle Sculpt

Build the body you want with a variety of weight bearing and body weight exercises designed to build muscle, tone the body and create definition.

Power Play

This circuit style class incorporates a variety of weight bearing and body weight exercises to offer a full body strength based workout.

Tai Chi

Cultivate the link between mind and body with flowing gentle flowing movements.