Build strength and mobility, and have fun!

You’re never too old to get moving with Gold Fit

No matter your exercise history in younger life, The Y (formerly YMCA's) Gold Fit is your way to take hold of your fitness today! We welcome over 60s from all walks of life – whether you used to be a sporting superstar or you’re just looking to improve your strength and flexibility in your golden years.

In your first Gold Fit session our trainers will discuss your goals as well as any medical conditions or physical limitations. Our trained staff will then develop a tailored programme specific to what you hope to achieve.

Gold Fit exercise classes for seniors involve a group warm-up and cool-down, with your own exercise programme taking up most of the time. There are also a variety of organised activities and classes available – from Zumba to bowling, canoeing to Nordic walking.

The Y takes fitness classes for seniors seriously – but we also make sure you’ll enjoy yourself while you work your way to a healthier tomorrow. Why? Because you’re gold. Gold Fit.

Is Gold Fit right for me?

Whether you’ve been active in the past and then commitments and life got in the way, or if you’ve never been a particularly sporty type, the Gold Fit programme is a path to greater fitness and wellbeing for people over 60 who want to stay active in a supportive, social environment.

What can I expect?

First you begin with a programme induction where we will discuss your goals and go through your medical conditions and physical capabilities. You will also complete our Functional Fitness Assessment, which measures balance, strength, endurance and flexibility. After that, we will create an exercise program that is appropriate just for you.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with your local Y by submitting an enquiry or just give us a call. Before you start we ask that have your GP or GP nurse, complete the medical clearance form. A form can be mailed, emailed or downloaded.

Get in touch today!

Our Gold Fit Locations


The Y Auckland City

149 Greys Avenue, Auckland CBD

09 303 2069

Gold Fit CBD

The Y Ellerslie

46 Michaels Avenue, Ellerslie

09 579 4716

Gold Fit

The Y Glen Innes

122 Elstree Avenue, Glen Innes

09 527 3260

Gold Fit

The Y Massey

545 Don Buck Road, Massey

09 833 8100

Gold Fit

The Y Mt Albert

773 New North Road, Mt Albert

09 846 0788

Gold Fit

The Y Lynfield

16-18 Griffen Park Road, Mt Roskill

09 627 1642

Gold Fit

The Y Cameron Pool

53 Arundel St, Mt Roskill

09 624 6058

Gold Fit

The Y Hamilton

36 Pembroke Street, Hamilton

07 838 2529

Gold Fit

The Y Tauranga

428 Devonport Road, Tauranga South

07 579 6530

Gold Fit