Fee Assistance

Ensuring every member of our communities can access our services

What Is Fee Assistance?

The Y (formerly YMCA) is committed to ensuring every member of our communities have access to our services. It is The Y's aim that no person willing, but unable to pay will be denied access to Y programmes in Auckland or Waikato.

We believe that participation in any of our programmes and services should not be restricted to the financially privileged.

Fee Assistance can be used to provide free access to programmes and membership, or can provide partially subsidy dependent on the individual's ability to pay.

Who Can Apply For Fee Assistance



User Groups

Applying For Fee Assistance

Fee Assistance is offered on an application basis. Completion of an application for does not constitute any offer to provide Fee Assistance, and every application will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Supporting documents which could include pay slips are required as part of the application process.