YMCA North Privacy Policy

This Policy applies to all people providing personal information to YMCA North.
YMCA North is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected and your information is only used appropriately.

Collecting Personal Information

YMCA North collects personal information for the purposes of promoting and delivering services and community orientated events.YMCA collects information from you when you register on our site, make a service enquiry, purchase a membership or register for a service, subscribe to our newsletter, respond to a survey or fill out a form. In any of these instances you may be asked to provide information including but not limited to your name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, date of birth or credit card information, or the same for a dependent in your care.

Your covid-19 vaccination status may be required. If this information is provided to us, we will protect this information in the same way we will protect all of your personal information.

Using Personal Information

YMCA North will never sell your personal information. Employees of YMCA North may have access to your personal information to do their work. Their access to your personal information is limited to what is necessary.
Agents and subcontractors of YMCA North may have access to personal information needed to do their work but may not use it for any other purposes.
Your personal information may be used:
• To verify your identity
• To provide services and products to you
• To market our services and products to you, including contacting you electronically (eg. by text or email for this purpose)
• To improve the services and products that we provide to you
• To bill you and to collect money that you owe us, including authorising and processing credit card transactions
• To amend records to remove or update personal information
• To respond to communications from you, including a complaint
• To conduct research and statistical analysis (on an anonymised basis)
• To comply with the law, or protect our rights, property, or safety, or that of our members, or others
• For any other purpose authorised by you or the Privacy Act 2020

    Storing and Disclosing Personal Information

    YMCA North will maintain all reasonable protections against the loss, misuse or inappropriate disclosure of your personal information, and maintain processes to prevent unauthorised use or access to that information.
    YMCA North will keep all physical documents secure, both inside and outside its premises.
    YMCA North will keep electronic personal information secure by making sure its data storage is protected from external sources, maintaining regular back up and applying good security practices.
    YMCA North may use cloud computing. Where used, YMCA North will ensure that cloud computing solutions meet good practice security requirements.
    We may disclose your personal information to:
    • Any business that supports our services and products, including any person that hosts or maintains any underlying IT system or data centre that we use to provide the website or other services and products
    • Auckland Council and/or YMCA National (for conducting surveys)
    • Other third parties (for anonymised statistical information)
    • A person who can require us to supply your personal information (eg. regulatory authority)
    • Any other person authorised by the Privacy Act 2020 or another law (eg. law enforcement agency)
    • Any other person authorised by you

    Children & Young People

    YMCA North is committed to keeping children and young people healthy and safe. We may share information with appropriate agencies (such as health and education providers or other agencies involved with your child’s life) if sharing that information will protect or improve the safety, health or well-being of a child.
    Our agency by law can always share information with Oranga Tamariki and the Police. Further information can be found in our Child Protection Policy on our website.

    Internet Use

    YMCA North uses Google Analytics for Display Advertising Features (including Remarketing, Google Display Network Impression Reporting and Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting), together with data from Google’s Interest-based advertising or 3rd-party audiences data (such as age, gender, and interests) to enhance your online experience. You can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customise Google Display Network ads using Google’s Ads Settings. If you would rather YMCA North did not use cookies in conjunction with your use of our website, you can refuse them by turning them off in your browser and/or deleting them from your hard drive.

    A Special Note to Parents & Caregivers
    Children 18 years of age or under visiting YMCA North’s website should ask their parent’s or guardian’s permission before sending any personal information, such as names, home addresses or email addresses. We recommend that parents use software or other tools by which they can assure that their children’s use of the internet reflects their preferences, requirements and the law.

    Third Party Links
    YMCA North’s website may contain links to other sites which are not administered or governed by YMCA North. These are provided solely for the convenience of our customers. YMCA North is not responsible for the content of these websites. If you chose to click on the link to another website to use its services or resources, YMCA North is not liable in respect of your use of the linked website.

    Credit Card Security
    Your credit card details are not processed or transmitted through YMCA North’s website; all transactions are processed through a secure payment provider. YMCA North use Windcave or Ezidebit to provide this service. Windcave and Ezidebit host and manages the payments page. All transaction sessions are stored and processed through encrypted strings. Your credit card details are not held by YMCA North and cannot be accessed by YMCA North staff. However they may be held by Windcave or Ezidebit.

    Requests for Personal Information

    You have rights to access and correct your personal information (or your children’s) in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. If you want to access or correct your personal information (or your children’s), please contact the Privacy Officer: privacyofficer@ymcaauckland.org.nz.
    YMCA North’s Privacy Officer will not disclose information about children to family/whānau unless there is a clear legal right to access that information.
    Any questions about YMCA North’s compliance with the Privacy Act 2020 should be referred to the YMCA North Privacy Officer: privacyofficer@ymcaauckland.org.nz.