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Glen Innes Group Fitness Classes

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From Aqua Fit to Zumba, we’ve got the A-Z of group fitness

At Glen Innes Pool and Leisure Centre managed by The Y (formerly known as YMCA), we believe that exercise should be fun, and our group fitness classes are just that! With over 50 fitness classes per week, we believe that our timetable offers amazing variety to really mix up your exercise plan.

From Muscle Max for toning and Spin for a strong heart and legs, to Yoga and Pilates for posture and core strength, you’re sure to find a class or two to add to your exercise plan.

At Glen Innes Pool and Leisure Centre managed by The Y, everyone is welcome and our group fitness classes are no exception. Our friendly and approachable instructors will provide all the motivation, encouragement and expertise you need to achieve your goals.

Most group fitness classes at Glen Innes Pool and Leisure Centre managed by The Y are family-friendly, which means your family can work on your exercise plans together.

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Classes are included with all The Y Gym Memberships.

$21.00 Group fitness class casual visit
$210.00 Group fitness concession card (10 visits) - Valid for 6 months

Aqua Aerobics casual: Adult-$15, Senior-$13
Aqua Concession cards (10 visits) Adult-$150.00, Senior $130.00

Class spaces can't be booked and operate on first come first serve basis

Over 50 Classes Weekly



This is a short workout that focuses on your core muscles to improve strength. Try it out, it can be a great compliment to your regular workout schedule. Core (15) 15-minutes / Core (45) 45-minute session

Box Fit

With a focus on boxing technique and strength drills this high energy workout is great for anyone wanting to change the body without worrying about co-ordination. No choreography involved, just pure boxing and workout.

Muscle Max

Muscle Max is a weight training class designed to increase strength, bone density and muscle mass across the entire body. Approximately 30-minute session.


This class brings the best of Muscle Max combined with Y-Ride. It’s and interval training session with 5 min on the bike and 5min on weights back to back until the end.


Gold Fit is a gym-based programme for the over 60’s focus on functional easy to follow exercises designed to support an independent lifestyle. The programme offers an exclusive trainer to support Gold Fit needs. Tai Chi, Yoga & Aqua Energy Classes are at a extra cost.

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Bring balance to your body, mind and spirit through the development of strength and flexibility combined with breath control and relaxation methods. Yoga has the power to calm the mind, increase concentration, improve well-being and can be a powerful antidote to stress.


Join the party! Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves create a dynamic fitness programme that will blow you away. You will want to work out, you will love working out and you will be hooked.


Core strength, controlled breathing, flexibility and awareness in order to support efficient movement.

Suspension TRX

Using cables and the power of gravity, this class will work your body in a very different way. Strength, cardio, core and flexibility all in one class.

Aqua Fit

Aquarobics or Aqua Fit is a pool-based class designed to reduce pressure on joints providing a low impact workout but very effective workout.


Spin is the best indoor cycling experience. This is a high energy class that will see you doing anything from endurance, strength or sprint exercises.


HIIT class is 45 minutes of High-intensity interval training. Workout Get in, Sweat Up, Get out.

Tai Chi

Focuses on gentle and flowing movements. This is a relaxing workout that will make you feel calm and energized.


Is a class using the step platform for a very energetic and fun choreography to workout legs and cardiovascular fitness.

Power Yoga

It is a class using the Yoga physical elements for balance and mobility and Pilates for core functional strength.


"Aqua Aerobic classes are Fantastic. Absolutely Love the classes and the instructors."

Rob Hicks - Aqua Aerobic member The Y Glen Innes Fitness and Leisure Centre
Daryl Ann Phizacklea - Fitness Member

"Great Variety of classes. Nice people to exercise with. The music is good, the atmosphere is relaxed and the trainers are top kotch."

Daryl Ann Phizacklea - Fitness Member The Y Glen Innes Fitness and Leisure Centre
Sue Garland - Fitness Member

"I just want to write and say how much I am enjoying Cynthia’s muscle max class at 6am on Wednesday. She has change the format and included a bit more cardio so I feel like I am getting an all round workout. The circuit class which she has introduced is also a great change and adds to the variety which makes me make an effort to attend the class. Keep up the fantastic work Cynthia."

Sue Garland - Fitness Member The Y Glen Innes Pool and Leisure Centre