Group Fitness Classes at Lagoon Pool Panmure

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A social, fun-filled way to exercise

Looking for a way to exercise, but not so keen on the treadmill and headphones approach? Our group fitness classes could be just the ticket. If you want something energetic and fun to get your heart pumping, and you like the sound of surrounding yourself by like-minded people while you do it, why not give it a go?

We’ve got everything from Aqua Zumba to Pilates to Core Power programmes – and with all sorts of classes available every day, you’ll have plenty to choose from to find one that suits you best.

Group Exercise Timetable

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  • Classes Are Included Free With All The Y Memberships.
  • Casual Class Participation $12 Per Class
  • Concession Cards $92 Per Ten Classes
  • Booking is required for all classes. For more information contact us at 09 570 9061
Class spaces can not be booked and operate on a first come first serve basis

Over 20 Classes Weekly!



The original and best indoor cycling experience. Top notch instructors and music that motivates you, takes you outof the studio and into your imagination on the ultimate fitness journey.

Box n Burn

With a focus on boxing technique and strength drills this high energy workout is great for anyone wanting to change the body without worrying about co-ordination. No choreography involved, just pure boxing.

AB Blast

This is a short workout that focuses on your core muscles to improve strength. All classes are 15-30 minutes and are a great compliment to your regular workout schedule.


With total focus on core stability, musclebalancing, joint release and breathing techniques, Pilates teaches you a higherlevel of body awareness to create a stronger body posture and an energisedmind.


Bring balance to your body, mind and spiritthrough the development of strength and flexibility combined with breathcontrol and relaxation methods. Yoga has the power to calm the mind, increaseconcentration, improve well-being and can be a powerful antidote to stress.

Aqua Energy/Fit

Aqua Energy/Fit is a pool based class designed to reduce pressure on joints providing a low impact workout.


Step is a high energy workout that makes you feel alive. This workout will have you doing simple movements on, over and around a height adjustable step, perfect for fat burning and toning.


Join the party! Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves create a dynamic fitness programme that will blow you away. You will want to work out, you will love working out and you will be hooked.


This class brings the best of Muscle Max combined with Spin. It’s and interval training session with 5 min on the bike and 5min on weights back to back until the end.


Xpres-fit class is 30minute of Express High Intensity Workout Get in, Sweat Up, Get out.

Family-Fit Zone

For our Family members this is a perfect time to get your families into the gym for a workout together. Workout together, Bond together, Grow together