Your Journey to fitness starts here!

One-on-one motivation to reach your health & fitness goals at The Y

If you need a helping hand to tackle your fitness goals, personal training is the way to go. Every personal trainer at any of our The Y (formerly YMCA) Auckland fitness facilities are highly trained and thrive on helping people push themselves to do things they never realised they were capable of.

Whether you are looking for some extra motivation, or feel like injecting new life into your workouts, personal trainers can help plot out a course of action that reflects what you hope to achieve, while taking into account any physical imitations or other concerns that may have prevented you from embarking on exercise in the past.

Work towards weight loss, muscle development, toning, flexibility and general health…

Whatever part of your fitness you want to improve!

Training on your terms

Duration To Suit You

Choose from 30 or 60 minute sessions based on your goals

Flexible Sessions

Book your session on the day and time that suits you

Concession Cards and DD Options

Book and pay for sessions as you go or take advantage of concession or Direct Debit pricing.

Personal training sessions are available at the following local Y Centres