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With so much going on at YMCA there is lot's to talk about. Whether its our youth, staff or the people who use us we're sure you'll be impressed.

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Challenge of the Month: 50 bodyweight squats for time

How fast can you complete 50 bodyweight squats? Speed, speed, speed! That’s what this month’s YMCA fitness challenge is all about! 

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Coming together for team sports

Team sports are all about bringing people together. This week we've had some incidents at our adult sports leagues here at Massey YMCA.  It goes without saying that this behaviour is not in the spirit of team sports, nor is it in line with YMCA values. We've therefore taken a number of actions to address these events.

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10 Things Diabetics want you to know

10 Things Diabetics Want You to know - They could really make a difference.

At The YMCA Auckland City Diabetes Support Group in May we put together 10 things we want you to know about having Diabetes.

It's a personal list. Have a look and maybe you can think of some more points to consider. They are in no particular order.

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Wellington woman fights to give her health a Jumpstart

Erin McMenamin (72) of Lower Hutt, Wellington has a health history that shows she’s a fighter, from operations on her knees and hands to battling cancer, undergoing spinal and living with diabetes.

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A new era for YMCA

In mid-May YMCA bid a fond farewell to chief executive Peter Fergusson. After seven years at the helm of YMCA Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga, Peter made the tough decision to accept an opportunity as CEO with the Leukaemia and Blood Cancer Foundation

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Whānau weighs in on Jumpstart

The Pikia whānau of Invercargill is taking control of its health and wellness by participating in Jumpstart, a diabetes health management programme that was launched a year ago at the Tay Street YMCA. 

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Challenge of the month: two minute push ups

Push ups. You either love ‘em or hate them, but either way our May challenge of the month is really going to test your muscular and mental endurance.

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Stroke of luck gives Hamilton man a health Jumpstart

Hamilton man Steve Harvey, 52, knew he faced serious health problems after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and it would start affecting his life badly if he didn’t take action quickly.

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Good in the Hood for Auckland's youth

Fill up at a selected Z petrol stations this month and you'll be doing more than making your car go - you'll also be supporting YMCA youth and early childhood programmes across Auckland.

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Slam dunk for YMCA Massey after securing $35k in funding

Massey Leisure Centre managed by YMCA has received $35,005 to upgrade basketball equipment after a public voting competition run by The Trusts in West Auckland.

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YMCA named as one of the country's top swim schools

YMCA received top national honours at a ceremony on Friday 27 April, taking home the Outstanding Swim School Award from the NZ Swim Coaches and Teachers Association.

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Onehunga indoor pool reopens after storm damage

The team at Onehunga War Memorial Pools has been working hard behind the scenes to get the indoor pools reopened after the roof was damaged during a storm a few weeks ago. The indoor pools, spa and sauna will reopen from 5:15am, Friday 27 April.

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