Sarah Masefield, popularly known as Topsy, says that she was always the frail one in the family while growing up, and her dad even doubted her making it till adulthood. But Topsy had other plans. She defied all odds and lived to be a centenarian. Topsy is our GoldFit member who regularly participates in the GoldFit classes at the YMCA Lynfield Youth and Leisure Centre.

Topsy joined the Y a few years ago with her daughters and has ever since been an inspiration and a special part of our Y family. In April 2021, we were super excited to celebrate Topsy’s 100th birthday with our Y whānau.

Topsy was born on April 9, 1921, so the celebrations kicked off with a fun 1921 trivia quiz, followed by remembering some famous people born in the same year. During this time, Topsy shared that her mother had Tuberculosis when she was pregnant with her, which was the same year when the vaccine for it was developed.

The birthday celebrations continued with awarding Topsy with a lifetime gym membership to mark her 100th birthday and with lots of lovely messages from fellow members and staff. This was followed by cutting a beautiful cake made by one of our GoldFit members.

Thank you, Topsy, for choosing us to be a part of your journey. We enjoyed every moment spoiling you on your 100th birthday with gifts, flowers, cake, and lots of love. :)

Below is a picture of Topsy holding a birthday greeting from the Queen, Queen Elizabeth the Second, to mark this special occasion.