Kids' Swimming Lessons at Glen Innes

Our kids swim lessons will have your children confident in the water in no time!

At Glen Innes Pool & Leisure Centre managed by The Y (formerly known as YMCA) all of our swimming lessons for children are carefully organised based on both age and ability.

The Y’s lessons develop clear and achievable swimming and water safety goals for your child. Our lessons are well structured yet fun. We focus on teaching aquatic and safety skills as well as developing each child’s self-esteem to establish a love of the water that will stay with them for life.

From initial water confidence classes through to preparing advanced swimmers for squad training, our Glen Innes children’s swimming lessons create an environment where kids are able to flourish while being put through their paces. Swimmers will work their way through learning all strokes as well as key water safety skills – developing good technique and great cardiovascular fitness as they do it.

The Y’s targeted programme ensures that your child receives tuition that best meets their needs and skill level.

Benefits of Swimming Lessons

  • Improve water confidence
  • Develop strong swimming technique
  • Learn critical water safety skills
  • Provides exercise for a healthy lifestyle

Contact: 09 527 3260

School Age Levels & Progressions

Orca Submerge

  • Water confidence & familiarization, submersion
  • Assisted front & back floating
  • Assisted turnarounds

Orca Float

  • Independent front & back float
  • Independent turnarounds
  • Assisted front & back kicking

Orca Glide

  • Independent streamline glide
  • Independent Freestyle & Backstroke kicking
  • Independent rotations

Orca Stroke

  • Independent Freestyle arms with kick
  • Independent Backstroke arms with kick
  • Front to back rotations with freestyle arms

Orca Breathe

  • Independent side kicking
  • Independent Freestyle swim with bilateral breathing – 12m
  • Independent Backstroke swim – 12m

Orca Swim

  • Freestyle swim – 20m
  • Backstroke swim – 20m
  • Breaststroke kick

Orca Survive

  • Freestyle & Backstroke swim – 25m
  • Breaststroke swim – 12.5m
  • Butterfly kick – 12.5m

Orca Transition (Pre-Squad)

  • 50 meters Freestyle & Backstroke
  • 25 meters Breaststroke
  • 25 meters Butterfly

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