Exercise Classes for Seniors in Glen Innes

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Maintain an active, independent lifestyle with Gold Fit

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Nonsense! At Glen Innes Pool and Leisure Centre managed by The Y (formerly known as YMCA), we believe you’re never too old to exercise. Our Gold Fit gym-based programme provides the perfect chance to get involved in exercise classes for seniors at Glen Innes Pool and Leisure Centre.

In your first Gold Fit session our trainers will discuss your goals as well as any medical conditions or physical limitations. Our trained staff will then develop a tailored programme specific to what you hope to achieve. The programme includes modified sports, social activities and outdoor challenges, so you’ll find that the exercises for older adults are suitable for all abilities.

If you want to remain healthy and active in your senior years, come along and join us at Glen Innes Pool and Leisure Centre. Make your golden years gold. Gold Fit.


Programme Includes

Social Engagement

An integral part of the programme is social engagement which is built into the fabric of the programme through morning tea's but also includes group outing which could be anything from high tea, to dinner or a BBQ at someone's house.

New Activities

The programme incorporates the opportunity for seniors to relive childhood memories or try new activities they've always wanted to. In the past our programmes have involved bike riding lessons, drumming lessons, kayaking trips to Rangitoto and camping.

Dedicated Co-Ordinator

To support the programme The Y assigns a dedicated co-ordinator. This ensures not only consistency but the opportunity for The Y staff to build strong relationships with participants making it easier to understand your unique needs.