How long have you been working at OWMP?

Just starting my adventure here at OWMP. However, this isn’t my first time working with the YMCA. I was involved down the road at Jordan Rec for many months helping out with programming and bringing in the new equipment.

What led you to becoming a staff member at OWMP?

I had been studying exercise science with a focus on elderly health and fitness. While at Jordan Rec I was able to engage with the community and offer my help where needed. Now returning to the job I was given the opportunity to expand over to OWMP, which I happily accepted.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I have been around Onehunga almost my entire life so I always enjoy talking to the locals. However, my favourite would have to be seeing people achieving their goals after working hard for them.

Why do you think health and fitness is important?

I believe health and fitness to be the number one investment anyone can make. We only have one body for us to use to interact with the world. It makes sense to do all we can do to have the best possible body we can have. I’m not necessarily talking about how others look at us but instead having the tools so we can live long, active and productive lives.

What’s one thing we didn’t know about you that will surprise us?

Once upon a time I was a professional wrestler (a goal I had since I was 12). I’ve wrestled in numerous countries and lived over in Florida, USA for a while. I even trained with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and under the guidance of WWE personal. Injury brought me back to NZ back in 2011 so now I am focused on others achieving their goals.

How would your friends describe you?

The biggest geek they know.

Where is your favourite place in New Zealand?

The same place I was announced from every time I wrestled… “Auckland’s beeeeautiful Onehunga”

Is there anything else you would like to say to our Y customers?

Please don’t be scared to approach me. I may look scary but I’m really not. I have an opinion on most things and I’m more than happy to talk about almost anything.