Out of School Care in Mt Albert

Enriching Before and After School Care with The Y Mt Albert

Our programme is planned around three themes - Active, Create and Life Skills. This provides a well-rounded range of activities which will keep your child engaged at their own pace as they wind down from a busy school day.

From Term 3 2021, we have two locations available for participants:

  • The Y Mt Albert (formerly known as the YMCA) - Children from Marist Primary will be collected at the end of the school day, and walked across to The Y Mt Albert for the programme. We also welcome students from surrounding schools with their own transport arrangements.
  • The Y at Mt Albert Primary School - This programme will be held in the Mt Albert Primary School Hall for Before and After School Care.

The Y Out of School Care is available in the following locations:

The Y Mt Albert Leisure Centre

773 New North Road, Mt Albert

09 846 0788

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Mt Albert Primary School

6 Sainsbury Road, Mt Albert

09 846 0788

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Safeguarding children, young people, families and staff

The Y is Aotearoa’s first and only accredited organisation through the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF).

Safeguarding is a fundamental part of our culture and a culture shared with all of our staff, customers and members. To support this we have:

  • Designated Safeguarding Staff
  • Clear policies and protocols promoting safe and best practice for our customers and staff including safe recruitment practices.
  • Compulsory safeguarding induction and ongoing training requirements for all staff
  • The Y Safeguarding Code of Conduct provides staff clear guidance and guidelines

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