Group Fitness Classes at Mt Albert

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From Yoga to Spin, we’ve got a great range of group fitness classes at The Y (formerly known as YMCA) Mt Albert. We believe that exercise should be fun - the group fitness classes are just that!

Our group fitness classes are an ideal way for you to get the results you want. Get the girls together or drag along your mates and you’ll have a great time as you work towards your goals.

Our extensive range of classes, from yoga to boxing, are led by industry trained professionals who will provide all the motivation, encouragement and expertise you need to achieve your goals.

Encouragement and expertise to help you achieve your fitness goals - Mt Albert The Y group fitness has got it all going on!

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Classes Are Included Free With All The Y Memberships.

Casual Class Participation $16.50 Per Class

Concession Cards $165.00 Per 10 Classes


Muscle Max

Weight training class designed to increase strength, bone density and muscle mass across the entire body


Develop your strength and flexibility whilst focusing on breath and relaxation


High energy class that will see you do anything from endurance, strength or sprint exercises


Learn how to strike as you burn calories, build strength and add diversity to your workouts with our 45 minute boxfit class. Suitable for all fitness and experience levels.


Focus on balanced full body work through core strength, controlled breathing, flexibility & awareness

Floor Barre

Structured to develop lean muscle, mobility and flexibility through low impact, high rep movements using the principles of ballet, pilates and strength training.

Functional Strength

Learn how to build strength and focus on correct form in a small group session led by a trainer.

Total Core

Low Impact core strengthening training. Session includes balance and function movements


A high-energy group fitness and dance class that when performed correctly and regularly, can burn upwards of 500 calories in one session!

Hit 30min

This is our workout of the week designed by our trainers. Be ready for a fun, tough and challenging workout.

Hit 45min

Incorporating a range of body weight and functional exercises into a fun workout.

Goldfit Sit

Functional movement class for seniors using chairs, designed for people with limited mobility/injuries.

Goldfit Healthwise

Class for seniors which focuses on strength and balance

Goldfit Zumba

Zumba at a slightly slower pace, still incorporating all the great music and dance you see in a regular Zumba class

Goldfit Active

Group exercise class for seniors that focuses on functional easy to follow exercise.