Y Out of School Care

Fun Done Right in every action packed day

Whether it’s before or after school, enrol your kids to learn, play and grow within a safe environment at the Y Out of School Care.

Based on three fundamental themes - Active, Create & Life Skills, the Y Out of School Care programme is focused to ensure your kids' time with us brings the best outcome for them. But hey - let’s not forget the FUN part! No term is going to be the same! Introducing FIVE fun-packed zones: Engineering Wonders, Cool Builders, Future Inventors, Sporty Stars, & Super Artists; kids get to experience a range of 'all things cool' to explore, innovate, self discover, and just have an epic time!

Y Out of School Care - Fun. Done. Right.

Engineering Wonders

Grabbing children's natural passion for exploring how things work, Engineering Wonders brings the wonder of STEAM to life. A channel for curiosity that children can use to simply enjoy themselves, or open their minds.

Cool Builders

Putting things together, taking them apart, making them better or zanier as you go – Cool Builders simply unlocks the possibilities of design and building with the freedom to tinker, try and fiddle at their own pace.

Future Inventors

Taking tech from screens and bringing it to hands-on play and fun! Future Inventors encourages teamwork and problem solving through technology - from AR and VR to interactive programming and coding.

Sporty Stars

The Y is the ultimate home of kids' physical activity. Sporty Stars teaches them the best of being active - teamwork, fundamental movement, hand-eye coordination. No pressure to excel, just plain fun to move around!

Super Artists

Super Artists is where self-expression and imagination is brought to life, supported with costumes, musical instruments and props. Inclusive for all levels of stage performer or back-up crew.

Term programmes

Available each term are 10-week programmes with structured learning through play. Topics include Y-Active - fundamental movement and sport, Mission wYld - bushcraft and outdoors, or Y-Bots - principles of coding. This is free to those enrolled in after-school care or can be booked in for additional children at a cost.

Safeguarding children, young people, families and staff

YMCA North is Aotearoa’s first and only accredited organisation through the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF).

Safeguarding is a fundamental part of our culture and a culture shared with all of our staff, customers and members. To support this we have:

  • Designated Safeguarding Staff
  • Clear policies and protocols promoting safe and best practice for our customers and staff including safe recruitment practices.
  • Compulsory safeguarding induction and ongoing training requirements for all staff
  • YMCA North Safeguarding Code of Conduct provides staff clear guidance and guidelines

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The Y offers out of school care in the following locations:


Melville Primary School

101 Ohaupo Road, Melville, Hamilton

07 838 2529

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Silverdale Normal School

62 Silverdale Road, Silverdale, Hamilton

07 838 2529

View Programme

Woodstock Primary School

21 Woodstock Road, Fairfield, Hamilton

07 838 2529

View Programme

Hukanui School

Pickering Crescent, Chartwell, Hamilton

07 838 2529

View Programme

Bankwood School

152 Bankwood Road, Hamilton

07 838 2529

View Programme

Forest Lake School

Storey Avenue, Forest Lake, Hamilton

07 838 2529

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Selwyn Park

Welcome Bay Tennis Club, Victory St, Tauranga

07 838 2529

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