Staying consistently active after having months of time away from gyms and recreation centres isn’t easy. The lockdown period didn’t only show us resilience but also ways of keeping our minds and bodies active. For some, it meant setting up a home gym or getting outdoors and for some exploring online workouts was a newfound love!

Lockdown was tough, yet we were grateful to be able to stay in touch and support physical and mental health through the YMCA Family Facebook page which for most of us was a new way of finding a routine to keep up with our fitness through those challenging days.

As we start to see the world recover and get to BAU, what does this mean for those of us who have found a sense of rhythm and routine in that lockdown chaos? For some of us, it is quite straightforward – thrilled to be back at the gym! But for some, the lines are blurry especially when you have started to enjoy those outdoor walks, bike rides, or online classes.

Whichever you choose, success lies in being consistent and dedicated to your fitness goals and a great part of that comes from working out in an environment that suits your needs and circumstances the most.

If the below factors drive you, then here’s why working out at the gym could give you better results than at home.


There is something more fun about going into gyms and working out together with people over online classes. It boosts your mind to go those extra reps or have a friendly competition with your neighbour.

Variety of amenities

Your workouts won’t seem mundane when you have a range of equipment to choose from in the gym - one day you can choose to go full cardio, the other day strength training, or some days get a hybrid of both cardio and weights. You have that choice.


Getting the form right is an integral part of fitness to help prevent injuries. Spotters, trainers, or just watching others’ techniques are all ways you can get guided when you choose to workout at the gym

Better Focus

When you work out at the gym you dedicate the time to do just that with no house chores looking at your face, no kids interrupting you, or even pets coming for those cuddles. You also have no excuses to leave it halfway in between.


For some paying for the gym membership is motivating enough but for others, there is something about being in a space of like-minded people motivating one another to smash those goals.

Community feel

We all have stories to tell or have heard how some of the greatest connections have been made at the gym. There is something about everyone coming together and supporting each other’s fitness goals and positively celebrating achievements.

At the end of the day, the key is to balance and find a plan that supports your lifestyle even if it meant heading to the gym on some days or discovering great online workouts on the other. A plan that shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty or ashamed for missing going to the gym one day.