Written By Kristina Ineson; Operations Manager, Y Out of School Care

To our Y Parents!

Here's top four tips for children transitioning back to school in the New Year.

1. Make time to Talk and Listen

Your child might have worries, especially if they have not been back since Term 3! It's important to give them the message that you understand returning to school is a big thing. Create space each day for talking that is not sitting face-to-face, such as going for a walk together. Work through worries together and then move on to talking about something else so school is not the focus of every conversation.

2. Treat it like 'it's their first day' going to school

Returning to school after time away is much the same as the first day of school. Prepare as much as possible for what the school day might look like. You might encourage them to have a look on the school website or to walk past school to look at what it is like. When they are going back to school, be supportive and reassuring, but don't spend too long saying goodbye in order to allow their anxiety to build up. YMCA Holiday Programme are a great way to get kids back in the routine for school.

3. Sleep Routine

During school holidays, we may be able to go to bed and sleep in later than we normally would! Try to encourage your child to get into a good sleep routine in the weeks leading up to returning to school. Sleep is so important for your child's mental health and wellbeing, as well as their development. Being at home has more rest breaks, so your child may be more tired at the end of the day, and sleep to recharge at night will become even more important.

4. Get Moving!

Encourage exercise! Moving your body is so good for the mind, body and soul – whether you are an adult or a child. This can be from a family walk or a chalk path on the driveway. Your local YMCA has a variety of kids recreation classes, and many centres have casual use where you can come and shoot hoops with you