This is Ross Molony, aged 87 - he is our oldest active gym member.

Ross uses the gym twice weekly. His training includes a comprehensive cardio and weights programme. Ross particularly impresses us by pulling 60 pounds on the seated row and completing over 40 reps of squats with suspension ropes. When asked what his favourite exercise is, Ross replied “I love it all, every single exercise I do, I enjoy doing”.

Doctors mention their surprise at his strong heart when his weekly blood pressure checkups sit at 120/80. His secret,  “healthy eating and a couple of glasses of red wine!”.

Ross has always lived a very active lifestyle, particularly in his early years tramping in the Milford and Malborough Sounds.  

Ross continues to keep active by complimenting his twice weekly gym visits with twice weekly golf games. Ross has been a proud member of the Auckland Timber Industry Club since 1980 and through this association has raised thousands of dollars charity.

Ross still loves to travel around the country visiting family. He also plans to go to Australia and maybe back to Hawaii sometime.

Ross’s advice to other older adults, put bluntly, “get off your backside and do the world some good by being active”.

Ross thoroughly enjoys going to the gym and will continue for as long as he is able.