Margaret is one of our longest standing members, having been with Cameron Pool since 1991. She was born in Hungary in 1934, and came to New Zealand as a refugee in 1957 following the Hungarian uprising. 

When Margaret first came to Cameron Pool, the gym encompassed the spin studio upstairs. There was no weights or cardio room, with all the equipment fitted into the small upstairs space. Since then the gym has undergone an upgrade of sorts, and not to be left out Margaret has upgraded herself through the achievements of her own goals.

Over the years at Cameron Pool Margaret has lost 17 kg of weight and given up smoking. Margaret attributes her success to her regular attendance; she comes to the gym three times a week. Margaret notes that having the pool allows for members who may have joint problems or be overweight to overcome these by starting in the water, before eventually graduating to using the gym. Margaret also claims that her favourite part of coming to the centre is the social aspect; it is a chance for her to drop in and have a laugh with some friendly faces. She believes that exercise is one side of the equation; the other part is the friendly interaction she encounters. 

From a staff perspective, Margaret is a pleasure to work alongside. She is always quick with a smile and friendly (sometimes cheeky) remark. Her outlook is always positive, and just her presence in the centre livens the gym. Margaret is more than a considerate member; she is a role model in all aspects of life, from perspective to empathy. The whole team looks forward to having Margaret in the centre for many years to come.