At the Ellerslie Leisure Centre managed by YMCA, Trevor Anderson is famous for rowing 1.8
million metres on the rowing machine. But it’s not the only milestone he’s managed to clock up - next week he’ll be celebrating 60 years with wife Monica.

“We met at a youth club in Germany in 1956 when I was 24 and Monica was 19,” Trevor says. They held hands and took long walks in the woods. By 1958 they were married. 

In 1979 they packed up their worldly possessions in the UK to follow Trevor’s younger siblings to New Zealand. Monica joined the Ellerslie YMCA in the early 2000s and was one of the first participants in the YMCA's active seniors' programme. Not one to be left behind, Trevor signed-up two years later. 

Things took a more difficult turn in 2015 when Trevor suffered a heart attack while rowing at the gym. Quick thinking YMCA staff jumped in with a defibrillator and he was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery to install three stents.

Trevor’s YMCA friends rallied round, and he soon returned to the Y-Gold seniors’ programme (formerly never2old) where he’s known for his great sense of humour and encouraging words to other members.

This week the Ellerslie Y-Gold group put on a morning tea to celebrate Trevor and Monica’s diamond anniversary. When we asked Monica what the secret to 60 years of marriage was, she offered this tongue-in-cheek reply: “Just close your eyes and let the years float by."

And Trevor's secret to 60 years of marriage? "Happiness. It's important to find what makes you happy." 

Wise words, Trevor and Monica, and happy anniversary from the YMCA.