This week we've had some incidents at our adult sports leagues here at Massey YMCA. 

YMCA has zero tolerance for violence. Physical altercations in our family-friendly centre are unacceptable and, like many of you, we're extremely disappointed that they have occurred. 

Any aggressive behaviour that oversteps the spirit of competition will not be tolerated. We have therefore suspended the individuals involved from participating in any YMCA programmes until further notice. A decision about the length of suspensions or possible bans will be made once we have completed an investigation into exactly what occurred.

Like you, we expect Massey YMCA to be a fun and safe recreation environment. For this reason, as a facility, we regularly look for feedback and areas for improvement. We will specifically be reviewing practices in relation to these recent events.  

In my experience, social sports leagues are a great way to bring the community together. Whether we’re staff, players or spectators – all of us play a role in fostering a friendly sports culture. So I encourage you to get in touch if you witness any negative behaviour, and we’ll deal with such complaints swiftly, fairly and in confidence.

Thanks for choosing to play with YMCA. I genuinely want us to offer the best sports leagues in Auckland, and I welcome any feedback you have. Just drop me a line if you’d like to chat – my contact details are below.

Best wishes,

Steve Bartholomew
Centre Manager - Massey YMCA
Ph: 027 517 9510