Onehunga War Memorial Pool member Syam Sunder has had an amazing weight loss transformation since starting his weight loss journey in 2016.

He was not aware about healthy eating and would eat and drink what he wanted, and gradually started to put on weight and looking older for his age.

Then he started to realise something needs to be done about his lifestyle so he started coming to the gym.

“My family, especially my son is what motivated me, I want him to grow up leading a healthy lifestyle,” said Sunder.

After coming to the gym for a few months and cleaning up his diet, he started to feel more energised throughout the day and finding himself getting better sleep at night. His confidence levels went up and started to look younger than ever before.

Syam would workout 1.5 hours, five days a week doing a combination of weights, cardio and HIIT. Although he didn’t have a personal trainer at Onehunga, the trainers were all willing to help.

“I started to become stronger and lift weights I never thought I could,” said Sunder.

Syam lost almost 17kgs since coming to our gym, and is proud of what he has accomplished and is thankful for the staff and trainers who helped him along his journey.

“Onehunga War Memorial is well established with all the necessary equipment and friendly trainers, who are always there to support you to achieve your fitness goals,” said Sunder.