Kids Gymnastics in North Shore

Exciting gymnastics class for kids

The perfect way to develop your kids balance, strength, flexibility and confidence.

Gymnastics at The Y (formerly known as YMCA) emphasizes fundamental movement skills for children aged 1.5 – 12 years. This helps in the development of your child's balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and spatial awareness, all these core motor skills are essential in gymnastics, but also in any other sport your kids choose to do.

Each gymnastics class builds on the skills learned in the previous week and tracked by our Colours and Stages development programme, so your child will make steady progress with The Y gymnastics.

Here is what we have to offer:

Morning Preschool Gymnastics - $135 for 9 weeks

Afterschool Gymnastics - $153 for 9 weeks


  • 10:30am-11:15am Discovery Play Class (1.5 -3 years old)


  • 10:15am-11:00am Discovery Play Class (1.5 years old)
  • 3:45pm-4:45pm Structured Colours Class (5-7 years old)
  • 4:45pm-5:45pm Structured Stages Class (7-12 years old)

For more information about gymnastics for kids on the North Shore call 09 480 7099 or use our enquiry form!

Please view our Kids Recreation Programme (KRP) Terms & Conditions here

Why Choose The Y?

  • Experienced and passionate coaches
  • Ratios to maximise effectiveness
  • Own stadium space, so no interruptions
  • Supportive and welcoming environment
  • Affordable

Spaces are limited and fill quickly so please book early.

Preschool Gymnastics

Discovery Play

Ideal for growth and development, classes consist of activities such as songs, rhymes, hand skills, and interactive play. Focus on fundamental movement patterns through gymnastics-based activities helps build confidence and body awareness in an interactive and social environment. A great opportunity to introduce your little one to climbing, swinging, balancing, and so much more. Each week has a fun new theme!

Preschool Afterschool Gymnastics

Structured programme

A great transition from our Discovery Play Preschool Classes. Here, our experienced gymnastics instructors will guide your kids through a more structured way of learning the fundamental skills of gymnastics. This includes circuit rotations of various apparatus, for example, our beam, vault, double mini tramp, floor, and rings/bar. We help guide your children on the best, fun, and safest way to show off their skills.

Afterschool Gymnastics

School-age children

These classes are perfect if you are either new to gymnastics or are wanting to improve your gymnastics skills, in a fun & recreational way. Each term is dedicated to different themes i.e., skills testing, gymnastics competition, badge testing, and our End of Year Showcase.

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Safeguarding our tamariki

For years The Y has provided a safe and secure environment, where kids can just be’ and enjoy their time with us. We want to support every parent by not only being a fun place for your kids to be, but also a safe haven where kids’ development is supported and learning is recognised.

The Y is Aotearoa’s first and only accredited organisation through the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF). We are proud to lead the children’s workforce as a child-safe organisation. Find out more.

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