Pickleball Offerings

Casual Pickleball

Been hearing about Pickleball non-stop from all corners? Or just interested in seeing what all the fuss is about, and why pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the world today? The Y currently offers casual pickleball sessions for beginners and intermediates on Tuesday mornings, from 0800 until 1200. With a qualified pickleball coach available from 1000 to 1100, and some simple rules to get you started, we will have you on the road to pickleball glory (or just keeping fit and happy) in no time at all.


Tuesday mornings - 8am - 12pm
Monday evenings - 6.30pm - 9pm


Y members - $4
Non-members - $8

Auckland Pickleball League

The only advanced pickleball league this side of the bridge, the Auckland Pickleball League is a competitive 9-10 week league focused on high level pickleball competition. With a strict entry and vetting requirement to ensure that all players are of sufficient calibre, the goal and vision of the league is to create a truly competitive and professional atmosphere.


Monday evenings

Why Choose The Y?

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