Adult Learn to Swim & Squad Classes at Cameron Pool & Leisure Centre

Water safety and confidence is important at any age

Learning to swim as an adult can be a daunting prospect – so it’s a brave decision to make! It’s never too late to learn, and having a good understanding of swimming technique and safety around water means that you’ll not only be better equipped to stay safe yourself, but you’ll be able to make sure that your kids or other young people around you stay safe too.

Adult Fitness and Squads are also available for swimmers wishing to brush up on their technique or preparing for an event or race. Whatever your existing swimming knowledge may be, Cameron Pool & Leisure Centre managed by The Y can take you on the journey.

The Y's swim lessons for adults cater to people aged 16 years and over. No matter your fitness or skill level, our instructors provide personalised advice to help you improve and achieve your goals in the water.

All of our adult swimming classes are taken by qualified instructors, and for your comfort, lessons are held in a dedicated indoor teaching pool. Whether you’re coming into lessons with no experience whatsoever, or you need to brush up on some technique, we’re equipped to guide you through the necessary steps to become more confident in your swimming.

Benefits of Adult Learn to Swim Classes

  • Improves swimming technique
  • Low impact total body workout
  • Provides exercise for a health lifestyle

Tri squads are Tuesday and Thursday morning 6-7am casual price $15.00 per session.

Contact: 09 624 6058

Adult Learn to Swim & Squad Classes

Beginner Groups

These smaller groups are perfect for adults new to swimming. Our patient and experienced teachers will help you overcome any fears or apprehensions putting you on the path to becoming a relaxed and competent swimmer.

Learn to Swim Groups

These classes are for adults wanting to improve their swimming skills such as breathing and stroke correction. We will teach you the technical components of swimming helping you to become more confident and competent in the water, swimming further and faster more efficiently.