Group Exercise Classes at Cameron Pools

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Why exercise solo? Get fit and have fun doing it in a group setting

Looking for a way to exercise, but not so keen on going it alone in the gym? Group fitness classes could be your way forward. If you’re looking for something energetic and fun to get yourself pumped up, group fitness classes at Cameron Pools might just be the way to go.

With everything from Zumba to Spin to boxing on offer, there’s no time like the present to try a few classes, and see which one matches up with what you enjoy and what you want to get out from your workout. We’ll see you at Cameron Pool & Leisure Centre managed by The Y to kickstart your group fitness goals!

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  • Casual Class and Concession Card options available.
Class spaces can not be booked and operate on a first come first serve basis

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The original and best indoor cycling experience. Top notch instructors and music that motivates you, takes you out of the studio and into your imagination on the ultimate fitness journey.

Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit is a pool based class designed to reduce pressure on joints providing a low impact workout.

Box n Burn

With a focus on boxing technique and strength drills this high energy workout is great for anyone wanting to change the body without worrying about co-ordination. No choreography involved, just pure boxing.

Power Play

This circuit style class incorporates a variety of weight bearing and body weight exercises to offer a full body strength based workout.

Gold Fit

Gold Fit is a targeted gym based programme for over 60’s designed to support independent lifestyles. Based on functional movement, the programme offers modified sports, social activities and outdoor challenges.

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Designed for people with or at risk of Diabetes, JumpStart is a fun, holistic programme focussing on nutrition, active lifestyles, wellness and community.


Join the party! Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves create a dynamic fitness programme that will blow you away. You will want to work out, you will love working out and you will be hooked.

Core Power

This class incorporates the principles of Yoga and Pilates alongside a mixture of new and traditional training techniques to focus entirely on the core are including abdominals, lower back and glutes.

AB Blast

This is a short workout that focuses on your core muscles to improve strength. All classes are 15-30 minutes and are a great compliment to your regular workout schedule.