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Why exercise solo? Get fit and have fun doing it in a group setting

Looking for a way to exercise, but not so keen on going it alone in the gym? Group fitness classes could be your way forward. If you’re looking for something energetic and fun to get yourself pumped up, group fitness classes at Cameron Pools might just be the way to go.

With everything from Pilates to Spin to Boxing on offer, there’s no time like the present to try a few classes, and see which one matches up with what you enjoy and what you want to get out from your workout. We’ll see you at Cameron Pool & Leisure Centre managed by The Y to kickstart your group fitness goals!

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The original and best indoor cycling experience. Top notch instructors and music that motivates you, takes you out of the studio and into your imagination on the ultimate fitness journey.

Aqua Fit

Join our class for a refreshing twist on exercise. Aqua Fit is a pool-based class designed to reduce pressure on joints. Whether you're a water enthusiast or a fitness fanatic, this low impact high energy class offers a splash of fun.

Box Fit

With a focus on boxing technique and strength drills this high energy workout is great for anyone wanting to change the body without worrying about co-ordination. No choreography involved, just pure boxing.

Gold Fit Aerobics

Gold Fit is a targeted gym based programme for over 60’s designed to support independent lifestyles. Based on functional movement, the programme offers modified sports and social activities.

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Total Core

A dynamic fusion of core-centric exercises to sculpt, strengthen and define your midsection. Ignite your core, enhance stability, and experience a new level of strength!

Pure Strength

Join our dynamic class designed to sculpt, tone and amplify your strength. Experience a fusion of targeted exercises, expert guidance, and a motivating atmosphere.


Immerse yourself in the grace and strength of our Pilates class. Elevate your core strength, improve flexibility and enhance overall body awareness. Join us for a journey that balances body and mind.


HIIT is your express ticket to fitness! High intensity interval training designed to ignite metabolism, torch calories, and boost endurance in just 45 minutes or less.

Muscle Max

Elevate your strength and power with our intense muscle max class. Tailored for those hungry for gains, this high-octane workout blends targeted muscle conditioning and explosive exercises to build your physique.


Join our yoga class to embark on a journey of balance, flexibility, and inner peace. Immerse yourself in the calming flow, guided breath work and mindful postures. Rediscover your centre, both physically and mentally.


Our aerobics class is a high energy celebration of movement and fitness. Groove to the rhythm, burn calories, and have a blast with our heart pumping routines.