Exercise Classes for Seniors in Mt Roskill

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Age is no barrier with Gold Fit

Whatever your exercise history, Gold Fit is a way to make strides towards greater overall health and fitness. We welcome over 60s from all walks of life – whether you’re just now starting to take physical activity seriously, or you’ve always been a bit of a sports buff.

In your first Gold Fit session at Cameron Pools Mt Roskill our instructors will talk through your goals and ambitions and create a plan that takes into account your goals, as well as any physical limitations that may have an effect on your mobility. Gold Fit exercise classes involve a group warm-up and cool-down, with your own exercise programme for older adults taking up most of the time. With extra activities always on offer to add something new to your routine, now’s the time to realise you’re just how gold your golden years are! Gold Fit. Because you’re gold.


Programme Includes

Social Engagement

An integral part of the programme is social engagement which is built into the fabric of the programme through morning tea's but also includes group outing which could be anything from high tea, to dinner or a BBQ at someone's house.

New Activities

The programme incorporates the opportunity for seniors to relive childhood memories or try new activities they've always wanted to. In the past our programmes have involved bike riding lessons, drumming lessons, kayaking trips to Rangitoto and camping.

Dedicated Co-Ordinator

To support the programme The Y assigns a dedicated co-ordinator. This ensures not only consistency but the opportunity for The Y staff to build strong relationships with participants making it easier to understand your unique needs.