It’s official - YMCA Auckland has heroes within its ranks.

At the 2016 Albert-Eden Local Heroes Awards, Mt Albert Community and Recreation Centre came away with an exciting award.

The centre won the Supreme Local Hero Award, which is a tremendous achievement, and goes to show all of the hard work that YMCA staff put into their roles.

Manager of the centre, Jill Gibson, said it was thrilling to receive such high recognition on behalf of her team – especially when the nomination form only included a handful of the things the centre has done.

“It’s great to be acknowledged for the efforts that we all go to for our local community. The nomination was short and brief and only touched on some of the enormous efforts and passion that our team puts in every day. This was mentioned by Peter Haynes, Chair of the Local Board, who expressed his appreciation to everyone, and hopes that YMCA will be a part of the Mt Albert community for a long time to come.

“It’s a real feather in our cap, and awesome that our key stakeholder regards us so highly!”

While it had Jill walking on cloud nine, she said it took a long time to sink in.

“It was a bit overwhelming, especially because we won the Supreme award, along with a few other people. “It’s quite overwhelming but very humbling.”

Jill said that she was full of gratitude, knowing how much the community appreciated what her centre has done so far, and credited her team for always going the extra mile.

“It just means that we are doing a great job and very much a part of the community, and it’s proof that we are living our mission.

“For me, it’s appreciation to the team, it’s the team that really earned the award for the hard work they do in the community. They don’t just do a great job, but they do all the extras as well, and we are so proud of them.”

The award was celebrated in the best way possible –  a big gathering of all the people who helped make the win possible, and plenty of delicious cake.