YMCA Auckland has announced the introduction of virtual on-demand fitness classes in five of its 12 fitness facilities.

Fitness manager Shaun Tempest says YMCA Auckland is embracing the technology in order to offer greater flexibility for its gym users.

“Gone are the days of regular nine-to-five jobs. People nowadays are often working irregular hours which means we need to adapt and respond by offering classes that suit our customers’ schedules and needs.”

YMCA Auckland has chosen Fitness on Demand as its preferred technology provider.

“The introduction of the innovative technology will help broaden the YMCA’s delivery of premium fitness programmes, and meet the growing desire of gym users for greater flexibility in the structure and scheduling of their fitness classes.”

The Fitness on Demand platform involves the installation of large screens in group fitness spaces, and a touch pad that members can use to select from a broad range of classes. Virtual classes include everything from yoga to HIIT, as well as classes that may not have been available previously in centres.

The technology also enables members to create their own class schedule, such as an instructor-led Tabata workout followed by yoga or meditation.

“The introduction of virtual on-demand fitness classes into YMCA Auckland will be of huge benefit to our current and future members who want access to high-quality fitness classes at a time and day suitable for them.”

The technology will be available in five YMCA Auckland facilities by early July.