A true hero is measured by the strength of their heart whose presence will always be felt even from far.

We want to acknowledge one such true YMCA Hero. A bequest was donated to YMCA North Shore and Recreation Centre by an ex-member who passed away early last year, whose name we keep anonymous.

We first heard from the lawyers about the bequest and after calling them we gained more information. Their family told us that they were a great fan of the YMCA and wished to donate their will, so the funds could go towards helping young children that came to the Y.

The funds were used to re-do our stadium floors and to give, as many children and young people a wonderful experience.

We will be forever grateful to them and the family for being a part of the Y whānau and for continuing to bring smiles to the faces of young children who come to the Y. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Below is a picture of the brand new stadium floor at the Y North Shore.