The Goldfit programme has had an amazing year. We have been awarded the New Zealand Exercise Industry ‘Programme Excellence Award’ for 2019. Everyone involved in delivering this exceptional programme across the YMCA centres should be extremely proud of this achievement.

A particular comment of note from the judges was,

‘If every programme was as successful as this one New Zealand would be a lot healthier.’

Goldfit is a programme for adults aged 60+. It is a gym based programme but has grown into one that encompasses so much more. Members have numerous options to suit their goals and aspirations. These include sports events with other centres, celebrations, Fun Food and Focus sessions, prizegivings, spin biking, educational talks, group fitness classes, social events, weekends away, and camps. There are also opportunities to participate in specifically tailored group classes such as, yoga, ballet, dance, Zumba, Pilates, Tai chi and a senior cyclist group. Members have also taken up the initiative to organise and run art tours and other community activities.

Each person who comes has a tailor made programme written for them. This is based on their goals, preferences, medical history, in consultation with their health provider, and a fitness assessment.

Goldfit instructors interact regularly with members in a professional, supportive, caring, knowledgeable way. We pride ourselves on the ongoing level of support that is given to our Goldfit participants.

Running throughout every session and every group is the impact that belonging to the Goldfit community has. The social and interactive benefits of this programme enable people to have a sense of belonging and engagement. Goldfit encourages older adults to continue to lead physically active, healthy, independent, and valued lives.

Goldfit changes lives.