Happy birthday Nina!


We feel so lucky to represent the communities that we serve.

Last month we had the privilege to celebrate our GoldFit instructor Nina's birthday. Wow! What an amazing milestone. To make it to 80 fit and healthy let alone still working in the health and fitness industry is just so inspiring. We don’t know many 80-year-olds that have managed to do that.

The impact Nina has had on the hundreds of Goldfit, Y-Gold, and Never2Old members that have been through our centre is immeasurable. Not only do we want to acknowledge the hours she spends here at the YMCA Lynfield Youth and Leisure centre caring for, and advising our senior community on their health and fitness goals, but also the time and effort she puts in outside of this facility. It is very clear that Nina's passion for this programme and its people extends beyond these walls.

The time she takes to visit our members when they are sick, recovering from injuries, or even making their day by taking them out for a simple coffee - really shows how caring she is and that she has a very special heart. There are many stories our members and staff, could share about the amazing things Nina has done for them. But most of all, we want to appreciate that there’s not a lot that can keep Nina away from the Y. She was determined to continue supporting our members even with broken bones and other injuries in the past to ensure all runs smoothly. A million thanks and more power to you Nina! We want to say a huge thank you to Nina from the YMCA for her service to our people thus far! And we hope that she continues with us for many more years to come.

Below is a picture of Nina with Topsy (GoldFit member) who turns 100 next month! Let's go Topsy!