Core value: Respect

Celebrating diversity at the Y

Here at the Y, we take pride in our members and staff, who respect and value one another for who they are, no matter where they come from.

Diversity is truly our strength - anyone would witness this if they walked into one of our centres perhaps for a group session. One such class is the 'Fit N 30' group exercise class at YMCA Lagoon Pool and Leisure Centre, a sure shot favourite among Panmure members and locals.

Greg, our instructor conducts these classes over the week and he appreciates the broad mix of participants he is able to teach. "It really shows the nice community we have", says Greg on the age and ethnic diversity of the class participants. "Parents attend the class with their teens, we even have a family of 7 coming together to smash out a session".

Wow! Fair to say this is what makes Y group classes a fun, welcoming, and enriching experience. In this time of unprecedented and accelerating change, taking a moment to reflect on, and appreciate the diversity of experiences that we get to see through our members is what makes life at the Y more meaningful in our eyes. :)