On an otherwise gloomy Auckland day, where rain urged most to stay indoors, a group of dedicated dog lovers and their furry friends made a splash at The Y Onehunga Pool’s Dog Day. It was a day where the usual ‘No Pets’ rule was joyfully set aside, and the pool gates opened wide for a canine takeover.

The outdoor pool is a summer staple for the local community. Each year, once the pool has been closed for the season and before it gets its winter deep clean, we welcome dogs in for the day.

The weather did little to dampen the mood. As one owner aptly put it, “The atmosphere is great, despite the weather… they’re getting wet anyway!” The dogs, unfazed by the rain, enjoyed off-leash freedom, turning the outdoor pool area into their playground.

The event was such a hit that the organizers ran three full sessions to accommodate all the wagging tails, with approximately 160 dogs having their day. All the dogs and owners loved it! Lucky’s Dad shared how much the event impressed him “Putting on an event like this is really cool especially for the community – all dogs from around here come and enjoy the pool that all us humans enjoy too.”

From paddling pooches to cautious canines just dipping their paws in, the pool was a scene of joyous chaos. Small dogs, big dogs, and every size in between turned the pool into their playground. Some dogs were seen swimming lengths, while others preferred lounging on the steps. MJ, a particularly enthusiastic attendee, made a splash by joining all three sessions!

The Saving Hope Foundation and dog treat producer Pupsicles added to the day’s charm, with the former bringing along Stan, a hopeful pup looking for a forever home after his brothers’ found families at a previous event.

Zoro’s mum expressed her love for the event, highlighting the innovative use of the pool during the off-season for human swimmers: “we love coming here for dog day! It’s an awesome idea"

Archer’s sister shared her surprise at her dog’s comfort with the event’s lively atmosphere, despite usually being shy around water and other dogs. “I thought she would struggle but she’s really surprised me with how comfortable she is with all the noise and even the big dogs too! I’ll bring her next year!”

The day was a testament to the community’s love for their four-legged friends, providing a rare opportunity for dogs to roam free and off-leash in the outdoor pool area. Owners exchanged smiles and stories, creating a warm atmosphere that even the weather couldn’t dampen.

In conclusion, The Y Onehunga Pool’s Dog Day wasn’t just a success; it was a celebration of the bond between dogs and their humans, proving that a little rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of those with paws and those who love them. 🐾💦

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