Pool Policies & Rules at The Y Onehunga Pools

Pool Policies

Numbers will be capped for safety reasons at the discretion of the Aquatics Operations Manager.

Children 10 years and under:

Must be actively supervised by a caregiver 17 years or over

Actively supervised means: watching your child at all times and able to provide immediate help

Children 4 years and under:

Must be accompanied in the pool and within arm's reach

Maximum adult to child ratios:

1 Adult to 2 four years old and under

1 Adult to 4 fiver to ten years old

1 Adult to 1 four and under and three 5 to 10 years old

Diaper Policy:

Snugly fitted specialized swim diapers, such as Little Swimmers are preferred

Spa/Sauna/Steam Policy:

Entry is restricted to customers 17 years and over

Pregnant woman and persons with known health or medical conditions are discouraged from using the spa

Please respect the request of lifeguards at all times, they are there to ensure your safety.

    Pool Rules

    Patrons are asked to please consider their own personal hygiene and shower before entering any pool.

    Patrons must follow staff instructions and refrain from behaviour that could cause injury, offence or harm to other patrons or property. Any aggressive, abusive or threatening behaviour towards staff or other patrons will not be tolerated and will result in termination of membership or removal from the facility.

    Patrons are not allowed to chew gum in the pool area.

    Customers are responsible for all damage caused either directly or indirectly yo equipment or the facility by themselves or people they are responsible for.

    All dive-well and aqua-run children must be able to complete the swim test. flotation devices and Lifejackets are not permitted on this equipment.

    Appropriate swimwear to be worn at all times. No jeans, long pants, wraps, t-shirts, singlets etc. To be worn in the pools. If you have concerns about body image, scarring or tattoos we suggest wearing a rash shirt.

    Rash tops are permitted.

    No food or drinks shall be consumed in the pool at any time.

    Running, jumping, bombing, play fighting and pushing is prohibited in and around the pool areas.

    Any person with open sores, wounds or skin infection may be refused entry to, or asked to leave the pools for public hygiene reasons.

    Soap, hair products and cleaners must only be used in the designated shower areas.

    Sports equipment is not permitted in the pool without staff approval.

    No unauthorised commercial activity, advertising or recruiting for business may take place on any Auckland Council and Leisure premises.

    Alcohol and smoking is not permitted in the facility or anywhere within the grounds.

    Spitting is not permitted anywhere within the facility.

    Towels must be used in the Sauna and Steam room.