Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide awesome, affordable childcare. Check out our FAQs, or get in touch if you have any questions.

What are your session times?

For all of our age groups, we have a 3 session/3 days minimum enrolment, part day 8-12pm or 1-5pm, part/full time 8.30 – 3.30pm, or full time from 8-5pm.

What are the 20 free ECE hours?

To assist with daycare costs, we offer 20 free early childhood education (ECE) hours for children over three. This is an initiative based on encouraging more participation by children of preschool age. It is expected that attendance will be 100 percent, for four hours, five days a week. If you are not sure on any of these points please contact us.

What happens if my child won’t be attending for a period of time, or if I decide to leave?

If you need to change your child’s booked hours, will not be attending through holidays, or you are leaving the centre, you must give two weeks’ notice in writing to the centre manager, or two weeks fees will be charged. If you are absent for longer than three weeks for any reason, you will be asked to pay a holding fee in order to hold the place for your child, otherwise the enrolment will cease, and you will have to wait for a vacancy upon your return. Fees are also charged for sick days and public holidays too.

What should I do on the first day?

We would appreciate it if you could stay for at least the first hour on your child’s first day or before they start. This helps your child to feel secure as they get to know the teachers, other children, the centre routines and the environment. If your child is having difficulties settling when being left, please discuss this with one of our teachers. Parents/whanau are welcome to ring in order to check on their child at any time, once they are enrolled.

What should I bring?

● A piece of fruit for the morning tea or for the koha basket to share. We do provide morning tea, and afternoon snakes when needed
● A healthy packed lunch box. Please follow our healthy eating guidelines (details in centre)
● Two spare changes of clothes for your child. We encourage you to send your child in old clothes to allow them to explore with water and paint
● Hats are provided at the centre all year round, with the expectation that appropriate clothing will be sent from home at all times
● Sun block will be applied throughout the day via the teachers, however if you have a specific brand or allergy, we would ask that this be brought in for your child during the summer months
● Toys from home, please note that all toys are requested to be left at home, in a safe place, for returning owners

What will my child do at daycare?

Our early childhood curriculum follows the Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum, set by the Ministry of Education. From this we want our children to become competent, confident learners, who are healthy in their mind, body and spirit. We also want them to realise that they make a contribution to society that is valued. To do this, we provide a range of fun activities and free play for children to take part in.

What is the online child profile?

All children are set up with a private online based profile that you can access and share with your child and whanau throughout your child’s involvement with the centre. Each child also has a hard copy of their profile in a folder, ready for them to share with their teachers and friends. Feel free to add stories to your child’s profile via the internet, for your child to print off with teachers and add to their profile folder at their leisure. This Taonga is your child’s to keep when they leave the centre.

How can I be involved?

We value your input here and there are many ways you can be involved. Supporting your child settling in, sharing your skills and knowledge with us, coming on trips with us, sharing stories and experiences about your child and whanau are a few suggestions.

Why do I need to sign my child in and out?

Government regulations state that all children must be signed in and out daily. Please let us know if someone different is to pick up your child, as we cannot release children to people not named on your enrolment form.

What happens if my child cannot make a session?

The Ministry of Education requires children to attend their days and hours on a regular basis. If your child is absent, please ring or text us.

What happens if my child is ill?

Our regulations state that any child suffering from an infectious illness must be excluded. Please see the hand out in your enrolment pack for more information.