Sports Training Camps at Camp Adair


Sports team pre-season training camps with a difference!

Are your teams tired of participating in the same team building games and training sessions? The Y (formerly YMCA) can offer both professional and amateur sports teams with unique facilities for pre-season training camps.

At Camp Adair, we can help organise team training schedules, workshops and expertly designed leadership-based activities that include a full range of outdoor activities delivered by our qualified outdoors staff.

Our professional instructors can tailor these activities to meet your particular team building and training needs and ensure your teams face appropriate challenges, whilst still having fun, leading up to the start of the next sporting season. Plus, we have a dedicated sports field for training and a recreation centre for your exclusive use.

We have 3 villages with accommodation and a fully functioning kitchen or we can offer corporate quality catering so your squad is nutritionally cared for as well.

Situated on the edge of the Hunua Ranges Regional Park, just 50 minutes from Auckland’s CBD, Camp Adair can help your teams focus on the season ahead away from the distractions of the concrete jungle.

Your players and leadership teams are your most valuable asset - you can help enrich their performance with sports training camps at The Y Camp Adair, Auckland.

​Contact us to find out more about:

  • Customised schedules built to your team's objectives
  • Catering options
  • Facilities including a Confidence Course
  • Outdoor team building challenges
  • Access to the Hunua Ranges

Everything you need for next pre-season training camp

Recreation Centre

Suitable for a range of indoor activities including basketball.

Sports Fields

We have dedicated rugby and league fields for outdoor training.

Customised Activities

A range of challenge-based activities tailored to your development objectives.


Cabin style bunk accommodation for various group sizes.


Full catering options for your team's nutritional requirements.


3 villages with accommodation and a fully functioning kitchen.

Find out how we can support your team

Camp Adair tailors every programme to the unique needs and objectives of your team.