Do you have friends or whānau looking for an Early Learning Centre for their child?

Refer them to us and you will both score a $50 voucher or two weeks free, no fees, to say thanks.

Spread the word! Every referral you make contributes to building a stronger, more vibrant Y community. Referring a family to The Y Early Learning Centres is a wonderful way to share the benefits of our nurturing environment.

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A Haven for Growth

Imagine a sanctuary where every child is enveloped in warmth and care—that’s the essence of The Y. We’re committed to laying the groundwork for a bright future, providing a nurturing space that supports social, emotional, and intellectual growth. More than a centre, The Y is a nurturing ground where children flourish under the guidance of our devoted team, in an environment designed for discovery, learning, and development

Energetic Play, Joyful Hearts

With a legacy dating back to 1855, The Y has been a pioneer in promoting active lifestyles. Our proficiency in essential movement skills guarantees that your child will engage in play that’s not only fun but also foundational to their health and happiness for years to come. We’re the experts in fundamental movement skills, leading to a lifelong love of being active. Y children jump, dance and have fun as they play and learn.

Passionate accredited teachers

At The Y Early Learning Centres, our educators are more than teachers—they are the nurturing architects of your child’s future. With a passion for early childhood education, each member of our team brings a unique blend of expertise, warmth, and creativity to the classroom. We believe in strong partnerships between educators and families. Our teachers work closely with you to support your child’s growth, celebrating milestones and navigating challenges together.

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