Boxing Classes Auckland

​ Build strength and technique and burn off calories and energy

All YMCA boxing training in Auckland makes for a high energy workout, giving you a newfound sense of pride and power. Boxing classes with us involve a focus on technique and strength development – allowing you to unlock power that you didn’t realise your body had.

Boxing fitness classes are accompanied by great music to get everyone pumped up and ready to learn from top-notch instructors. As well as developing boxing techniques and total body strength, you’ll get to participate in sparring with gloves and pads to put your new skillset to the test in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

You’ll see great results in your cardiovascular health and coordination – and with all of our boxing training in Auckland taking place in social environments, you might make some like-minded friends along the way.

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Group Fitness Classes at the YMCA are open to anyone

For those people who will only come in every now and then we have casual visit prices as well as concession card options - Check your nearest YMCA Recreation Centre for pricing details

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