Pilates at The Y Ellerslie Recreation Centre

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For an all-over body workout, have a go at The Y Pilates classes

If you’re looking to correct muscle imbalances and improve core strength, come along to Pilates classes at The Y Ellerslie Recreation Centre. Our Pilates classes are all about developing the body by focusing on core strength, flexibility, controlled breathing and awareness.

With six key principles colouring every movement – concentration, control, centring, flow, precision and breathing – there is no time nor movement that isn’t a thoughtful part of a routine. Everything counts – and everything is stretched, flexed and strengthened in turn. Pilates at Ellerslie Recreation Centre is taught by our amazing instructors, who definitely know a thing or two about this type of exercise. The idea of Pilates is to create a body that can move both efficiently and gracefully, which is extremely helpful for any activity.


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  • Classes Are Included Free With All The Y Memberships.
  • Casual Class Participation $10 Per Class
Class spaces can not be booked and operate on a first come first serve basis

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