New programme for 2022

School holidays are an opportunity for kids to blow off steam, recharge from a busy term, and have fun. As we continue to feel the disruption from the pandemic, enriching, healthy, social activities are more important than ever.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Ponsonby Rugby Club, which combines the fun, safe and experienced YMCA school holiday framework with fundamental rugby skills into a programme that will improve your children's enjoyment and proficiency in one of New Zealand's favourite sports.

Safe, reliable, supportive staff

As New Zealand's first and only child safeguarding accredited organisation through the Australian Child Foundation, YMCA North integrates safeguarding throughout our team and culture, starting from robust recruitment to comprehensive staff training and procedures. We design our programmes with your children's wellbeing in mind, ensuring their time with us is supportive, nourishing, active and fun.

Co-designed for the local club community

We've worked closely with the Ponsonby team to make sure we're working in with their club values, spirit, and club culture. The programme is a true hybrid of the best things that the YMCA has to offer plus improving important foundation skills and teamwork to improve their progress and grow their love of the game.

After a successful first school holiday, we're grateful for the warm welcome we've received from the Ponsonby club, and look forward to our next series in October.

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