What is going to build strong New Zealanders?

Please click here to read the 2020 YMCA open letter about the value of accessible school camps.

School camps shouldn't be a luxury out of many kid's reach

YMCA North operates two school camps - bush-clad Adair in the Hunua Ranges, and the seaside jewel of historic Shakespear Lodge. So many people who grew up in Auckland and the surrounding regions have vivid memories of visits here during the school days - a chance to make new friends, discover new inner strengths and explore New Zealand's amazing open spaces.

We can’t do this alone

We're seeing so many schools that would love to come to camp but due to the cost it's simply out of reach for them. Sadly this group is on the rise - and it's so sad that this opportunity is so inaccessible even to schools really close by. We do our best to keep costs low and help schools with funding applications but sadly we need more support to make a real difference.

You can choose to send a child to camp for a day or a whole week, or anything you can spare.

Thank you for your kindness.

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