The Y Massey is an exciting place to be right now. With a focus on members and creating a space for anyone to feel welcome, you'll find a place whether you’re a gym junkie or don’t know how to turn on the treadmill.

And not only do you get access to world-renowned classes and everything you want and need in a gym environment, but you’ll also get free training programmes designed just for you by the team's experienced trainers. They're on hand to help you make the most of your time working out.

With more support included in a membership than any of our competitors, we offer experienced trainers, safe spaces, extensive equipment, and world-class Group Fitness classes to get you hooked.

One fitness expert on site is Massey Fitness Manager, Owain, facilitating you to transform your life and your confidence. Owain grew up in Massey, and from a young age the Y Massey was his second home. Taking part in activities, working out, being a part of the youth development program Raise Up, and working there as a sports coordinator, he was an active part of the Y Massey community growing up.

For Owain, returning to The Y Massey after travel, study, fitness industry experience and managing other Y sites, was like coming home. Bringing his vast experience and training, with a real passion for helping people achieve their goals, Owain is passionate about sharing The Y Massey with a wide audience, believing in his centre and what they offer.

He's a huge advocate for training and exercising with a purpose. Whether you have lofty goals of running a marathon, pulling off a gymnastics routine that’s Olympic worthy, or smaller goals like balancing with ease, or maintaining flexibility as you age, he has an answer for your exercise. Offering a new way to workout, Owain is leading functional training for The Y Massey community.

What is Functional Training?

Functional training (done right) has a huge carry over to life outside the gym. So, whether you’re training for sport or the game of life, everyone can benefit from it.

Functional Training can help you:

  • Enhance Athletic Performance
  • Prevent and Rehabilitate Injuries
  • Low Impact
  • Better Mobility and Coordination
  • Keep Things Interesting
  • Enhance Power and Strength
  • Get In Better Shape

All these skills are important in everyday life and in the gym, allowing us to move purposefully and confidently and helping us stay sturdy, strong, and safe.

Owain champions Functional Training and is proud to offer it at The Y Massey. Many gyms don’t offer the space, equipment, and trainers to deliver functional training right. The Y Massey has invested in what's required to deliver an effective Functional Training programme. He says to expect a supportive environment, variety, clear guidance and an accessible, but athletic whole body workout design around natural human movement. It will “deliver the best returns, in the shortest time, in the way your body wants to move”.

The class format of The Y Massey’s functional training is especially stimulating – “People get energised, they can see others attaining what it is they want to achieve and be inspired by that, they can ask questions and receive support not only from the trainers, but from each other in a supportive and exciting environment. It’s 45 minutes of solid commitment to your wellbeing, and so you will see results quicker.”

The new space at Massey, designed specifically for functional training, has been highly beneficial for users. Opened in December last year, the Massey Team are constantly refining the space and tailoring their classes and processes to optimise a functional training product that “just works, and that people want to do.”

The Y Fitness is what health and fitness looks like, and what happiness and community feels like. And Owain and his team aim to get you fit for life, for life… At The Y Massey.